Un espectáculo sobre el respeto y la libertad

A girl, virtuous pianist, has to face another destiny


FETEN AWARD 2018 to the Best Scenic Design


Estrella is a girl, just six years old, who is on her way to become a world famous pianist. Thanks to the strong discipline of her parents, her virtuosity has reached a prodigious level for her age. Estrella is a happy star, so much, that she would never want to grow.

For all publics from 7 years – Gestural theater

But life, random and capricious as a spoiled child, has another destiny for her, an unexpected emotional labyrinth from which she could only get out guided by another star, but not just any star, but a starfish.

Director`s note

“Starfish have a peculiar characteristic: If they lose an arm, they are able to regenerate it, to recompose itself. Therefore, it can have a huge symbolic charge when we are talking about overcoming a loss; and in our show that is precisely what is at stake”

Jokin Oregi

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Artistic team

Written and directed by: Jokin Oregi

Music: Iñaki Salvador

Scenography and costumes: Elisa Sanz

Actors: Anduriña Zurutuza, Javier Renobales, Ana Meabe, Ana Martínez

Lighting design: Javi Kandela

Audiovisual: Carles Porta

Choreography: Mayda Zabala

Costumes: Nati Ortiz de Zarate, Angelique García

Masks and props: Javi Tirado

Realization of scenographic elements: Miguel Ángel Infante

Tour technicians: Javi Kandela, Unai Barrio

Ilustration: Ane Pikaza

Executive production: Pio Ortiz de Pinedo

Production: Marie de Jongh Teatroa.


Jokin Oregi | (+34) 656 734 500
Producción en gira: Ana Meabe | (+34) 657 704 803 |
Contacto de producción: Pio Ortiz de Pinedo (+34) 669 26 61 46 |