Premio FETEN 2010 Mejor interpretación femenina; Ana Martinez


“Humans” tells the story of two beings which live in an aparent happyness. Both recreate human behaviours and probably expect to go on like this indifinitely. Suddenly evrything changes when one of them starts to break down.

For all publics from 5 years – Gestural theater

“Humans” is a fantasy story that help us think about human nature, about those characteristics which define human beings; the feelings, the emotions…and which tells us about self-improvement desire, about our limitations, but also about our unlimited possibilities.

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Artistic team

Written and directed by: Jokin Oregi
Actors: Ana i Punto, Ana Meabe
Artistic design: Eider Eibar (Dirudi)
Scenography, atrezzo and dolls: Javi Obregón (Kukubiltxo)
Music: Santiago Ramos
Costume design: Mayda Zabala
Lighting: Bea Santolaya
Audiovisual: Larraitz zuazo (Dirudi)
Photography: Pio Ortiz de Pinedo
Technical support: Tarima
Production assistant: Javi Renobales
Production: Marie de Jongh / TARTEAN Teatroa

thanks: Mikel Martinez, Pello Gutierrez, Javi Tirado, Patxo Telleria, Javier Alkorta, Elias Otaola, Joseba Andoni Elezkano


Jokin Oregi | (+34) 656 734 500
Producción en gira:
Ana Meabe | (+34) 657 704 803 |
Contacto de producción:
Pio Ortiz de Pinedo | (+34) 669 26 61 46 |